Some of Our Clients

State and Local Government

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State and Local Government:

  • City of New Orleans, LA

  • City of Oakland, CA

  • City of Portland, OR Police Bureau

  • City and County of Denver

  • City of New York, Department of Education

  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

  • Colorado Department of Transportation, Civil Rights Division

What we help state and local governments accomplish:

  • Improve outcomes for State or local residents

  • Facilitate engagement between government and community based organizations or local residents

  • Insure implementation of equity by government staff

  • Improve equity internally

  • Reduce implicit bias internally and externally

  • Increase diversity of employees

  • Implement equity in budgeting processes

  • Understand policy and legislative review with an equity lens

  • Increase community engagement

  • Improve leadership support

  • Understand the difference between equity and equality

  • Develop Racial Equity Strategic Plans