Please Stop, Part II: We are a Melting Pot

We are a Melting Pot

Please Stop.  We may be a stew, but we are not a melting pot.  People of Color specifically cannot melt into the pot, even assuming they want to.  The negative connotation People of Color often hear when the term is used is that of assimilation, of an erasure of their culture, their history, their uniqueness.  We are big pot of stew; potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, meat, peas, onions, all adding to the beautiful flavor of the stew while maintaining their uniqueness, their “potato-ness.”  They do not become something else, but it wouldn’t be a stew without them, the stew wouldn’t be as delicious.  People of Color will always be People of Color.  No one asks White America to talk more Black, lose their accent (southern, New England, Cajun), or to be anything other than who they are.  Are we a melting pot?  Nope, Please Stop.

Dante James